The Library provides resources that supplement and support the various ministries the church offers for every age level. Members are allowed to borrow resources from the library which must be returned.

The church library is a teaching tool, important to study for the individual and the congregation. The library supports the mission of the church as well as the growth of individual members' faith. The Christian, in his study of the Bible, needs the information, discoveries, examples and distilled ideas found in books. The Second Calvary Baptist Church Library exists to provide materials that encourage and support the ministries of the church and enrich the spiritual and intellectual lives of our congregation.

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The Second Calvary Baptist Church monthly newsletter is here! If you have an article to contribute to the June edition, please send an e-mail to secondcalvarynewsletter@gmail.com. We appreciate your support. (Marretta Franklin, Kenyetta Jones & Shericka Waters, Editors)

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